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Snoring Preventive Appliance


There is a professional way to put an end to snoring by treating the cause instead of the symptom.

Enter the "NO Snore zone" today! You'll be glad you did.

Try this quick test:

___ Yes  ___ No   I have been told that I snore.                            ___ Yes  ___ No   I am overweight.

___ Yes  ___ No   I take catnaps during the day                            ___ Yes  ___ No   I get morning headaches.

___ Yes  ___ No   I seem to be losing my sex drive.                     ___ Yes  ___ No   I have trouble concentrating

___ Yes  ___ No   I have low performance at work.                     ___ Yes  ___ No   I wake up tired and thirsty.

___ Yes  ___ No   I wake up with a dry or sore throat.                 ___ Yes  ___ No   I have memory lapses.

___ Yes  ___ No   I have trouble getting up in the morning.           ___ Yes  ___ No   I am CPAP Intolerant

___ Yes  ___ No   I have problems concentrating for a long time.

___ Yes  ___ No   I have jolted awake gasping for breath during sleep.

___ Yes  ___ No   I feel tired and irritable even though I slept well.

___ Yes  ___ No   I have sudden moments of no breath and making noise and movements upon regaining breath.

If you answered yes to two or more statements or are CPAP Intolerant, we can help.

Put an End to Troublesome Snoring!!!

Dr. Tagle can provide you with a Snoring Preventive Appliance.

Dental Device Therapy is: Confortable, Easy to wear, Easy to travel, High complicance rate and Small.

Snoring Disorder - Snoring is an antisocial noise which should be taken seriously and must be considered a precursor or symptom of OSA, as discussed above.  Constant simple snoring (without OSA) affects approximately 20% of the adult population, and is more frequent in males than females.  This type of snoring is best treated by a dental surgeon using a jaw advancing prosthesis.   



The following factors give rise to this problem:

Overweight        Micronesia

Age (older patients show more frequency and force for snoring)

Consumption of alcohol,

Sleep inducing pills and/or substances,

Swollen tonsils and uvula; long, soft roof of the mouth,

Frequent throat infections,

Deviated nasal bone,

Severe nasal obstruction,

Sedentary life-style,

and/or Smoking.



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Other Health Problems

related to snoring include:

Sleep Apnea

Heart Problems



High Blood Pressure

Cardiac Arrest

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